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Nov. 23rd Jacksonville Florida Color Me Rad Runners

Hey ya'll....I've gotten alot of the color me rad photos online now, with the rest being worked on as I type. If you don't find yours', check back every day or so as I'm uploading them all during the day. All of them will be available by Sunday Nov. 29th!!!

I've organized the photos by your bib number, for the ones that I can't place, there'll be a folder for them also. So if you can't find your photo, be sure to check that folder.

Thanks to all the runners who took the time to pose for their special photo!! I really appreciate it.

A 10% discount will be taken at the check out line, use COUPON CODE: 10% OFF

And for the few runners who told me it was your Birthday, you get a 15% Discount!! Hope you remeber the code for that discount!

I had a blast photographing all the colorful runners! It was a georgous morning for a very colorful run. Book mark me so you'll be able to return when the photos are up.

ELM Tree Nature and Sports Photography
I stumbled into wildlife photography by pure accident many years ago. My first camera that was not a basic point and shoot, was a Canon Powershot G-12 with a 40X zoom. The photos it captured were amazing, but I rapidly knew I wanted to have the ability to change out the lens. I quickly purchased the Canon Rebel T2i camera and  it wasn't long before I was adding more and more lens to this camera. Recently I've added a Canon D7 to my camera collection along with a macro lens and doubler.

I love to walk on the beach, old logging trails or woods looking for new birds, bugs and flora to photograph. Currently I have many photographs being shown on willife and conservation sites.
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